Safe Caries Preparation with M.A.C


1) To reduce a risk of pulp exposure

2) To reduce a risk of RCT

3) To remove what is soft and leave the sound tooth structure

4) To reduce or eliminate a stress during caries preparation

5) To eliminate a risk of accidental pulp exposure

6) To reduce a pain or discomfort to your patient during caries preparation

7) To get better adhesion

8) To increase the longevity of composite filling

9) To get beautiful pictures of unexposed pulp :)

Safe Preparation with M.A.C

Stress-free and with high accuracy.

The Story...

I remember my first doubts about caries preparation when I was a student. I always asked my tutor whether I should prepare more or leave the cavity in this way. I always afraid of pulp exposure. I thought that when I was a more experienced dentist I would have no doubts. In fact the more experienced I was the more doubts I had. Sounds similar ? :)

I asked myself :

Is there any objective way of caries preparation ?

Can I remove only caries but leave the sound tissue unprepared ?

How accurate I can be ?

Can I reduce a risk of pulp exposure ?

...and then I tried to treat the caries with normal prophy jet that I was using for a sandblasting. When I saw first result under the microscope I was really impressed. With every day I was adding new steps to the protocol and this is how Safe Preparation with M.A.C was born.

Today I can prepare the caries with really big accuracy almost without a risk of pulp exposure. What is also very important for me is the fact that I can do this stress-free and with basic dental equipment.

If you struggle with caries preparation, have doubts or you want to reduce a risk a of pulp exposure this course is for you. Check it and become a pulp Bodyguard. :)

Incredible texture

Find the different shapes made of sclerotic, reactive ,secondary dentin under the caries.

Safe Preparation even with aggressive form of caries

Reduce a risk of pulp exposure especially in the situation when the caries has similar color to the dentine.

Get close but never expose.

Stress free protocol even with deep , close to the pulp caries cavities.

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